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2 years ago

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This is a true story, but switched to a slighlty better be readable was in nexxx my thirties and single, I met a woman at work - 19 years of age. She was beautiful, full-bodied, big breasts and pretty enough. It was not long before we were talking to each other, although I knew she had a boyfriend. told me that my socks went to one of our conversations nexxx he told me that it was at night, and after a couple of weeks ago we were "seeing " each other. We fuck like rabbits, and I loved every minute of it. Then came the day I bought black stockings for them. I only had a value in a double pack of the local store, but when it came to my house, I produced and said, "Put this in that," She took the package and said, "Let's see two pairs nexxx !, first. "" I'm not using, "he said. " Well, we'll be seeing at the moment. nexxx " , therefore, was for several days, holding sitting unopened, at the end of the bed every time she came to my house. Then one day he climbed the stairscame a little late and only wearing socks. My eyes almost popped out of my head as he looked at me and said : " Both are at the end of the bed. " She took my hand and led me upstairs. She pushed me to the end of the bed and started to get into the hold-up dress. feel sexy as she slipped on my legs and had a great session. A From this moment, his collection of socks for me, every time she brought me in a different color too. Sometimes, I was walking through her ​​house while she was fully dressed. The next step was to use her black garter belt with stockings. I agreed and the sex was even better. One day he decided to end it and I thought it was. I met another woman for several months and I told him about my new found joy to my nexxx surprise, was willing to surrender. I wear white socks with designs in red and black and suspenders and she even took some pictures and videos of me. who have movedseveral other girls nexxx in recent years and have my joy that I remember hot confessed to handle the situation. I'm surprised how many women enjoy it!

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